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Ikuma & Bella Ponte Rings

Bella Ponte & Ikuma

Timeless and modern Bella Ponte designs crafted in recycled gold and featuring our exclusive Ikuma diamonds.

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Ikuma Zodiac

Exclusive Ikuma Zodiac pendants showcasing the celestial beauty of each sign’s constellation, with the sparkle of diamonds and gold.

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Polished and Rough Ikuma Diamonds

Responsibly Processed

While operations are run 24 hours a day, loose granite and darker kimberlite are hauled away from the mine to a processing plant that stands 11 stories tall where gravity, water, and X-ray technology, not chemicals, are used to separate the diamonds from the kimberlite.

From this process the two most common diamond crystals that are found are octahedron and maccle.

Ideal Cut Diamond - Featuring Hearts and Arrow patterns

Expertly Cut and Graded

Ikuma Ideal Cut

Ben Bridge Jeweler is proud to offer Ideal Cut Round and Square diamonds that are polished with absolute perfection. Each diamond exhibits the Hearts and Arrows pattern signifying that every facet is in perfect alignment to reflect light and dazzle the eye, created by a master diamantaire.

Based on the mathematical calculations of Marcel Tolkowsky, Ikuma diamonds are cut according to ideal proportions. Developed in 1919, this ideal cut was created to produce maximum brilliance with a high degree of dispersion or fire.

Princess Cut Diamond Shape

Ikuma Princess Cut

The Ikuma Princess was created to maximize the brilliance, fire and scintillation of the standard princess cut diamond. Designed and crafted in Canada, great care is taken to maximize the return of light back through the top of the diamond.

American Gem Society

The AGS Laboratories uses a cut-grading system, based on optical physics and the American Gem Society's proprietary ray-tracing software. This three-dimensional analysis is the ultimate test for evaluating the performance of light in a diamond, which is the cornerstone of the Diamond Quality® Document (DQD). Every Ikuma Ideal Round and Square is graded at the highest level (AGS 0) of light performance.