Ben Bridge & Rolex History

Ben Bridge Jeweler - 1910s Ben Bridge Jeweler - 1910s Ben Bridge Jeweler - 1910s



In the early 20th Century while the world was quickly changing a spirit of innovation sparked the imagination of two young entrepreneurs. Although on different continents, Hans Wilsdorf (founder of Rolex) and Sam Silverman (founder of Ben Bridge) were both embarking on a journey that would see them build a lasting legacy of craft for future generations. Hans was enamored with the idea that a watch could be worn on the wrist, convinced it could be light, reliable, and stylish. At that same time, half way around the world, Sam was working his way west with his young family, maintaining pocket watches for train conductors, as they moved towards the Pacific Coast. There he, his wife, and children settled in the port city of Seattle and opened a small store front, Silverman Jewelers.

Ben Bridge Jeweler - 1920s Ben Bridge Jeweler - 1920s Ben Bridge Jeweler - 1920s



In the early twenties Sam’s daughter, Sally, brought home Ben Bridge, a promising, strong willed young man, whom she had fallen in love with. After Sally and Ben were wed, Sam persuaded Ben to join him at the store, passing his craft and passion to his son-in-law and renaming the shop Silverman-Bridge. Sam retired several years later, passing ownership to Ben who fully embraced his role and renamed the shop Ben Bridge Jewelers.