Toscano Gold Collection

From a long tradition of Italian craftsmanship, comes a collection that's anything but traditional: Each piece in the Toscano Gold collection is inspired by the latest in Italian fashion and crafted using techniques developed over centuries by master Italian jewelers.

Introducing Color To Our Toscano Collection

Explore the captivating and colorful new arrivals to the collection along with other must-have favorites.

Meet A Few Of Our Designers

To create gold jewelry of remarkable beauty and unequaled quality, we partnered with over 60 specially selected designers and craftsmen. The result of this unique collaboration is a completely original collection of stunning and stylish gold jewelry called Toscano.

Artur Gold

Nadia Gobbo is the designer with Artur Gold company located in the beautiful Veneto region of Italy. She was captivated by the wonderful charm of creating unique jewels more than 25 years ago. Today, Nadia's passion to design pieces that every woman will enjoy and feel beautiful wearing continues. She brings an "Italian nature" to her designs and leverages the most avant-garde techniques and hand finishes garnered by the centuries-old experience of Vicenza's master goldsmiths.

Fratelli Bovo

Fratelli Bovo was founded in 1977 and today is run by cousins Michele, Enrico and Roberto, each with different and yet complementary educational paths and skills. They were taught the little secrets of goldsmithery during their childhood and today they capably lead the company with renewed energy and passion. Today, just like in the past, Fratelli Bovo pursues innovation and searches for shapes that go beyond the changeable trends in order to surprise with style and expert hand-craftsmanship.

Tre Esse

Tre Esse is a family, women-led company that stays true to its core values and ethics of creativity, tradition, and the quest for perfection. Their designs provide the highest expressions of Italian made craftsmanship and are always hand-finished using varied and innovative techniques. Playing on themes of emptiness versus fullness, positive versus negative, their pieces leverage the pliability of the precious metal to take one by surprise, giving each piece a life of its own, its own special identity.

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