HOPECIRCLE Diamond Earrings 14K, 1 ctw. image number 0
HOPECIRCLE Diamond Earrings 14K, 1 ctw. image number 1
HOPECIRCLE Diamond Earrings 14K, 1 ctw. image number 1
HOPECIRCLE Diamond Earrings 14K, 1 ctw. image number 2

HOPECIRCLE Diamond Earrings 14K, 1 ctw.

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Love. Happiness. Miracles.

The circle is already one of the most popular shapes in the world of jewelry. By opening up the circle- and allowing hope to come in, the HopeCircle has a unique appeal. As a self purchase, it is a talisman and an anchor, and as a gift, it expresses a commitment to growing love.
The circle evokes positive emotions- hope, love, life, wholeness, inclusion and unity (a circle of love, a circle of life, a circle of friends).
The HopeCircle diamond earrings. Perfect for any occasion. Complement with a matching necklace for a powerful statement.
The HopeCircle adds an iconic emotional facet to the circle's already rich symbolism in both western and eastern culture.
The open HopeCircle inspires you to bring hope into your life and unlock the unlimited possibilities of love, happiness, and miracles. Hope is the energy that moves you, reminding you that your circle is never closed, that you can do more and be more.

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  • Exclusive to Ben Bridge
  • Metal Type
    White Gold
  • Metal Purity
    14K White Gold
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  • Minimum CTW
  • Minimum Clarity
  • Natural
  • Treatment
    Not Treated
  • Color Grade
  • Color Grade Max

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