beautiful fancy shaped diamond jewelry in yellow and rose gold sparkle on white platforms with a purple background

Classic Cuts Reimagined

Uncommon and adventurous, fancy shaped diamonds have captured hearts throughout history, from royalty to trendsetters of the Art Deco era. Today, more fine jewelry makers are drawing inspiration from vintage designs to create unique and captivating pieces that showcase diamonds in a whole new light. 

What is a Fancy Shaped Diamond? 

Fancy shaped diamonds describe any diamond shape that isn’t a round cut. Round cuts have become the most popular and traditional shape due to the immense level of sparkle and universal appeal. Yet, fancy shaped diamonds are making a big comeback as creative jewelry makers push the boundaries of fashion with modern takes on classic designs. 

Every shape highlights unique qualities that make the cut special and are a great opportunity to explore your individuality.

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds are a contemporary style boasting the sparkle and scintillation of a round cut diamond in an appealing square shape. If you like your diamonds modern and sleek, with all the light-catching glimmer of a round cut, princess is a sure-fire bet. 

This cut looks incredible in a pair of stud earrings. As an engagement stone, it’s perfect for those with long, slender fingers. Its modern styling and clean lines pair perfectly with 14k or 18k white gold, or even platinum. 


Emerald Cut

This Art Deco-inspired cut showcases the clarity and purity of diamonds. They are octagonal in shape with stepped facets, providing a mirror-like glow. Instead of going strictly for sparkle, an emerald cut diamond highlights the clarity of natural diamonds and the geometry of an expertly cut gemstone.

You can see individual step cuts that play beautifully with the light while maintaining an understated elegance. Emerald cut diamonds make for an incredible Art-Deco style necklace. It can look icy and sleek in 14k white gold, or classically vintage-inspired in yellow or rose gold. 

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds strike the perfect balance between round cut and more square shaped diamonds. The rounded edges give the stone an elegant softness with a subtle square or rectangular shape that resembles a pillow. 

The facets are cut to maximize brilliance for a vintage-inspired look with contemporary sparkle. Cushion cut diamonds look great in a solitaire engagement ring, but can really steal the show in a halo setting. 

Marquise Cut

Timeless and regal, marquise cut diamonds look larger than their carat weight suggests, making it perfect for those who want to get as much impact as possible for their investment. The shape resembles an eye and when used as the centerpiece of an engagement ring, helps the finger appear long and slender. 

A marquise diamond also looks incredible as a pendant, particularly on a dainty yellow gold chain. It’s the perfect combination of simplicity, classic style and understated elegance. 

Oval Diamonds

The sparkle of an oval diamond can feel larger than life. That’s because a well-cut natural oval shaped diamond is big and bold, a stretched look that makes the most out of every carat. To bask in its brilliant glory, you simply have to see how an oval diamond stuns in the prong setting of a solitaire engagement ring or an elegant pair of diamond studs. 

While oval diamonds are nothing new, they’ve experienced a sort of renaissance more recently thanks to advancements in cutting techniques and brave jewelry makers forging new paths for classic styles. 

Pear Diamonds

Made to look like a sparkling tear drop, you have to see what this cut can do in a pair of dangle earrings. Pear shaped diamond rings are also stunning, worn with the pointed end toward the tip of the finger. It’s an elegant look when you find a stone with just the right dimensions to suit your taste. 

Pear shaped diamonds appear larger than their carat weight while the round elements enhance the brilliance and light-catching symmetry. 

Asscher Cut

Strike the perfect balance between emerald and princess cut with asscher cut diamonds. They roared into fashion during the Art Deco era and remain a versatile and sophisticated choice for pendants and classically beautiful engagement rings. 

Asscher cuts share the same characteristics as an emerald cut, but are more square as opposed to rectangular. 


Heart Shape

For the true romantic, heart shaped diamonds are a lovable choice for earrings, pendants and even a halo engagement ring setting. What better way to let your love shine? 

Why You Should Consider Fancy Shaped Diamond Jewelry 

Variety: Fancy shape diamonds offer endless opportunities to find a gemstone that perfectly matches your style and your body. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to precise specifications. Fancy diamonds, on the other hand, can have variations that make each stone unique and give it a one-of-a-kind personality. 

For instance, maybe one oval diamond appears rounder than another, or one emerald cut is more square while it’s counterpart has more of a rectangle shape. The variations in fancy shape diamonds provide endless options when it comes to finding the stone that captures your imagination. 

Price: Fancy shaped diamonds offer incredible value. In fact, a fancy diamond will often cost considerably less than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight. In addition, the actual cut of many fancy shapes will stretch your investment even further. That’s because certain fancy diamonds like marquise and oval cuts, to name a couple, actually appear larger than the carat weight suggests. 

Which Fancy Shape is Right for You? 

If you’re ready to look beyond round cut for your next statement piece, be sure to browse some of our stunning pieces online, or find your local Ben Bridge Jeweler to see some examples for yourself. Don’t limit yourself to one diamond shape when there’s an incredible world of options to explore.