Ben Bridge executive admires a rough diamond in its natural state.

Our jewelry mirrors life in so many ways. It reflects our unique taste, our whims and passions. We return to our favorite pieces to feel like the confident, stylish or easy-going version of ourselves. But it goes even deeper, to the very heart of the things we value most in ourselves and others – transparency, honesty and authenticity. 

At Ben Bridge, we believe the fine jewelry you love to wear should be a testament to you as a complete, compassionate and one-of-a-kind person. That’s why for more than 111 years, natural gemstones have shaped who we are and solidified our reverence of the world around us. Every unique gemstone is a celebration of the earth’s true colors and the forces that give us life and create the immense beauty that surrounds us every day. Sourcing these gemstones carries an incredible amount of responsibility to do right by the environment, the communities that thrive through our partnerships, and our customers. 

We have partners all over the world made up of artisans, gemstone suppliers and those who polish and cut our gemstones. Our history and longstanding relationships allow us to not only work with trusted and responsible partners, but to collaborate and inspire each other to continually advance and advocate for responsible and sustainable practices. 

Close up of diamond polishing equipment Close up of diamond polishing equipment Close up of diamond polishing equipment

Responsibility in Action: Botswana 

Meeting in-person with our partners is something our executive team always looks forward to as an opportunity to strengthen our relationships and see our values in action first-hand. During a recent trip to Molepolole, Botswana, our Vice Presidents of Marketing and Merchandising caught up with some of our partners who polish diamonds with care and expertise. 


In the open, arid and beautiful landscape of Molepolole, the people are empowered and supported by the diamond industry. Our standards of equity and responsibility provides meaningful livelihoods and strengthens the bonds of community. 

“Every person you talk to, every conversation, was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me,” says Stacy Speicher, our VP of Marketing about her trip to Botswana. “Not only are they dedicated to finding and polishing these natural and rare gems, but they also felt their involvement in the diamond industry was empowering to their families and the town. It was such a gift to be able to see our equitable standards translate to real people’s livelihoods and sense of community.”

We know when you shop for jewelry it is not enough to just choose a beautiful piece, you want to feel good about where it came from and how it was crafted. That’s why we seek out partners with the highest industry standards and work together to blaze new paths in sustainability so that we all become better stewards of our planet together. 

Ben Bridge team members and partners pose in front of a large industrial vehicle in Botswana. Ben Bridge team members and partners pose in front of a large industrial vehicle in Botswana. Ben Bridge team members and partners pose in front of a large industrial vehicle in Botswana.

Honoring the Values that Bind Us 

We’re proud of the story we are able to tell, authentically, about every piece of Ben Bridge Jewelry. Whether it’s the uncompromising quality of our Ben Bridge Signature Diamond Collection, the Italian goldsmiths who create our Toscano Gold Collection or the recycled gold used to create customizable Bella Ponte bridal jewelry – we strive to ensure that love is the most lasting impact we have on the world around us. And we want you to feel proud of the fine jewelry that inspires you every day. You deserve a piece that is not only a reflection of your authentic self, but something you can be proud of wearing for a lifetime to come. 

Experience Our Responsible Diamond Collections

Ben Bridge Signature 

Every piece in our Ben Bridge Signature Diamond Collection showcases hand-selected diamonds crafted with extra facets and superior proportions to maximize brilliance. These stunning diamonds were mined, cut and polished by our partners in Botswana, where responsible, sustainable mining creates a growing economy and stronger community. Come see what we have available now and keep your eyes peeled because there are exciting new additions on the way! 

Ikuma Canadian Diamonds

Our exclusive Ikuma Canadian diamond collection was among the first to offer diamond tracing. Every diamond in the collection can be tracked to its source, allowing you to know where your diamond was found, the date it was polished, and its original rough weight.

Find a Lasting Treasure at Ben Bridge 

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring worthy of your moment or versatile daily diamond jewelry, our Personal Jewelers are here to help you find a piece that you can wear with pride for a lifetime.