Ben Bridge CEO Lisa Bridge

Our President and CEO, Lisa Bridge, is featured in the latest issue of Rapaport Magazine, where she discussed the state of the jewelry industry and the values that have helped Ben Bridge thrive for more than 110 years. 

Lisa sat down with the magazine’s founder, Martin Rapaport, for an interview that covered a wide-ranging set of topics, from her role as President of the American Gem Society to her insights on bridal jewelry and connecting with Gen Z consumers. 

There are so many exciting things happening in the world of fashion and Lisa discussed the importance of continuing to inspire people through the art, creativity and evolution of fine jewelry. 

Of course, as fashion evolves, so do ideas. This is especially true when it comes to bridal jewelry. Rapaport asked whether spending more money on an engagement ring is still considered to be an indication of commitment, a conventional notion that Lisa believes is shifting. 

“It’s much more an expression of the couple and their unique relationship now, rather than what other people think, so that has shifted,” Lisa said. “But people still want that promise of forever. The most important element is that it is representative of their love story, whether that’s the lengths someone went to find the ring, the thought that went into the ring or the value. These are stories people think of and share when they look at the ring. The story is the value point.” 

Take a look at the entire interview to read more about Lisa’s thoughts on other trends, fashion, the state of the industry and how Ben Bridge is building a strong future on the values that have persisted for more than a century. You can read and download the magazine here

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