Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a world-class watchmaker? There are no shortcuts when it comes to earning the privilege of putting on that white coat and coming to work in a state-of-the-art watchmaking facility.  

It takes dedication, expertise and thousands of training hours before someone can call themselves a Ben Bridge watchmaker. After all, watchmaking has been part of our DNA for over 110 years. It’s a legacy we are incredibly proud of and dedicated to protecting.

It all Starts with a Passion for Watchmaking

We seek out watchmakers who are true enthusiasts and nurture their professional growth. Every watchmaker on our staff is passionate about the heritage and craft of watchmaking. They have a deep understanding and appreciation for what it means to be entrusted with someone’s beloved timepiece. 

Every watch has a story, a personal meaning for the wearer. Maybe it’s a vintage piece that has been passed down for generations. Or maybe your watch represents an important milestone – a wedding, retirement, a promotion at work. Our watchmakers know that to you, it’s not just a watch and treat every piece like it was their own. 

a state-of-the-art watchmaking tool

Highest Level of Certification and Training 

Many of our watchmakers have achieved the highest level of industry training and certification in the industry. 

• SAWTA (Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance)

• CW-21 (Certified Watchmakers of the 21st Century)

• WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program)

Earning these certifications is a rigorous two-year, 3,000-hour program that requires a wide range of hard and soft skills. Ben Bridge watchmakers need to have a full scope of professional knowledge in both watchmaking theory and practice. 

In addition to the certifications previously mentioned, many of our watchmakers undergo additional training to become certified by the individual brands we carry, including Rolex, Cartier, IWC, Panerai, Tag Heuer, Hamilton, and Tissot.

That means when someone brings a watch to us for repairs, we pair their service with a watchmaker who's an expert in that respective brand. 

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Service 

From servicing to testing and cleaning, our watchmakers only use the latest, industry-leading equipment. The service facility in our downtown Seattle headquarters is the pride of our watchmaking department. 

Our watchmakers work in a clean environment where dust, air quality, temperature and humidity are meticulously controlled. Their tools always meet or exceed manufacturer standards and only genuine parts are used for repairs. We have access to parts many other watchmakers simply can’t get ahold of thanks to our trusted and longstanding relationships with the world’s top luxury watch brands. 

Meticulous Inspections on Every Single Timepiece 

Being a Ben Bridge watchmaker means having exemplary attention to every detail. Every watch that comes to us for service is meticulously inspected. With hand-wound mechanical and automatic movements, our watchmakers carefully dismantle the entire case and movement and inspect every component individually under a loupe or microscope. Worn parts are replaced and the movement is properly lubricated, reassembled and tested. 

Watches with a quartz movement also receive a deep inspection and servicing. In addition to replacing the battery, our watchmakers also inspect the movement and lubrication. 

No matter the movement type, every component of every watch undergoes rigorous inspection including the case, crown, bracelet or strap, movement, dial, hands, and the water resistance. This helps ensure we uncover any issues with your timepiece and return it to you in exemplary working condition with the goal of enduring for years to come. 

Creating the Next Generation of Watchmakers 

Our watchmaking team, like every department at Ben Bridge, is inspired by furthering our craft and quality of service today - and well into the future.  

We are committed to preserving and advancing the art of watchmaking while making the profession more inclusive. Our scholarship opportunities make it possible for women and people from underrepresented communities to pursue an education in watchmaking. 

Ben Bridge is also proud to partner with the Watch Technology Institute at North Seattle College, where our watchmakers regularly deliver seminars on a variety of topics, including quality control, timing, and specialty timepiece repair.

Our apprenticeship program provides aspiring watchmakers with hands-on, real world experience under the careful guidance of our top watchmakers. When you choose Ben Bridge to buy or service a luxury watch, you are helping us create a stronger future for watchmaking.

Does Your Watch Need a Little TLC? Get in Touch 

If you want to schedule a service or checkup for your watch, drop by your nearest Ben Bridge store and speak with one of our Personal Jewelers. We love talking about all things watches and are happy to help you get your watch into the right hands. 

Learn more about how to tell if your watch needs a service, repair or checkup