Jewelry helps us mark the most important moments in our lives and symbolizes our deepest commitments. To be worthy of these moments, our jewelry is crafted from some of the most beautiful, precious and rare materials on earth.

The enduring value of a diamond engagement ring, a beloved pair of earrings or an heirloom watch is almost self-evident. What is less visible is the value of jewelry to the people who make it and the communities it empowers.

This fall, we traveled to Botswana to see firsthand where many of our diamonds are born. Botswana is one of the largest producers of diamonds in the world and one of the great economic success stories of the last half-century.

Since its discovery of diamonds in 1967, Botswana has transformed from one of the poorest places on earth into a democratic, stable and increasingly prosperous country thanks to an enlightened partnership between the government of Botswana and De Beers, the diamond mining company.

Diamonds unlocked unprecedented opportunities for the people of Botswana. We met a craftswoman in the village of Molepolole named Kemmonye who polishes many of our Signature Forevermark® Diamonds.

Kemmonye Kgatetswe, master diamond craftswoman

She spoke with evident pride about becoming a world-class diamond polisher and what that means for her family. Her four children have access to education and health care thanks to their mother’s hard work and the wealth their country earns from diamonds.

Kemmonye Kgatetswe (center) with her four children in Molepolole

Last year, I gave my wife, a pair of Signature Diamond earrings to celebrate the birth of our son. The earrings symbolize my love and marked a seminal moment in our family’s life.

I didn’t realize at the time what those earrings symbolize for Kemmonye, her family and her country. They represent roads and hospitals, professional opportunities and a brighter future. It makes the diamonds more meaningful now that I know where they came from and the profound impact they’ve had.

Have seen just how much good jewelry can do, I really can’t imagine a more valuable gift.