Every diamond tells a story, and Ikuma Canadian Diamonds have a unique tale to share. The name “Ikuma” comes from the native Inuit word for fire, referencing how the diamonds are formed in the high temperatures and pressures of the Earth’s mantle. Ikuma diamonds are found exclusively in three world class operations in Northern Canada, at Diavik, Snap Lake and Victor. Canadian diamonds are treasured for their beauty and quality, and only a select few of these make the cut to be certified Ikuma Diamonds.

Environmentally Sustainable and Ethically Sourced

The Canadian mines were designed with the natural environment in mind, intent on maintaining the most rigorous environmental and social standards to protect the indigenous communities as well as the water, land and wildlife living in the region. With these regulations in place, you can be assured that Ikuma diamonds come from an ethical source intent on preserving the environment.

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Track Your Diamond

Every Ikuma diamond 0.46 carats or larger is individually verified and graded by the American Gem Society. All of these Canadian diamonds at Ben Bridge are inscribed with a Canadian maple leaf and a unique identification number. Displayed on both your official certificate of origin and inscribed in the diamond itself, you can put your diamond’s unique ID code in the Ikuma Diamond Tracker to see your diamond’s story, from its origin in the Canadian mines, to life at Ben Bridge, to finally finding its home on your ring finger.

Share Your Story

Ben Bridge is lucky to be the exclusive retailer of these incredibly high quality diamonds, and be able to bring these beautiful and responsibly-sourced diamonds directly to you. We would love to hear your favorite stories with your Ikuma diamond, everything from perfect proposals to everyday ring appreciation. Connect with us on social media and use the hashtag #BenBridge to share with us!