brown diamond jewelry on display with a purple background

The Stunning Spectrum of Brown Diamonds 

Every natural brown diamond is truly a one-of-a-kind gemstone, formed by the pressures of earth and light over millions of years. Shades can range from a soft golden hue to a deep, chocolate brown, creating a broad spectrum of beauty and uniqueness that simply can’t be replicated. 

There’s a whole world of versatility in brown diamonds, allowing you to find just the right gemstone to suit your style and personality. Of course, the options for customization only begin with the hue. 

In addition to a virtually endless spectrum of color, the shape and cut of a brown diamond can transform its character and unique vibrancy. For instance, the facets have an impact on the way light interacts with a diamond. Round cut is the most popular shape because it has the most facets and emphasizes sparkle. 

On the other hand, an emerald cut is a great way to highlight a diamond’s natural color, clarity and depth. The shape you choose can also vary depending on your personal tastes. An Asscher cut is perfect for a vintage, art deco style while pear shape and marquise diamonds have an elongating look that makes them an excellent option for rings. 

Not sure if a fancy shape is right for you? Learn more about the different cuts and which ones will suit your style. 

Pairing the Stone with Your Favorite Setting 

The setting plays an important role in the impact and style of your brown diamond jewelry. Whether you’re looking to add some sparkle, showcase the color and shape of your stone or to try something creative, you can choose a stone with a setting that reflects your taste. 

brown diamond ring with prong settings brown diamond ring with prong settings brown diamond ring with prong settings

Prong Setting

This setting is timeless and a perfect way to showcase the natural beauty of a gemstone. With only a few contact points, prong settings are engineered to hold a gemstone securely in place while keeping virtually the entire surface area of the diamond visible from every angle. 


brown diamond necklace with bezel setting brown diamond necklace with bezel setting brown diamond necklace with bezel setting

Bezel Setting

A bezel setting warps around the border of a gemstone creating a beautiful harmony of precious metal and diamond. But aesthetic appeal is only part of the allure with this setting. Bezel settings are the most secure and protective option for any gemstone. 

Brown diamond stud earrings with halo setting Brown diamond stud earrings with halo setting Brown diamond stud earrings with halo setting

Halo Setting

Ramp up the elegance and sparkle with a halo setting, which features a border of round cut diamonds around a center stone. This is also a great way to use contrasting colors to create something special and unique, like an emerald cut chocolate brown diamond surrounded by a halo of shimmering white diamonds. 

What Makes a Brown Diamond Brown? 

When most people think of diamonds, the image that first comes to mind is that of a sparkling white diamond. However, diamonds form in many colors from blue to brown, yellow and even pink, the most rare of naturally-occurring diamonds. 

These all fall under the category of fancy colored diamonds, which form over millions of years in an endless array of hues that are impacted by compounds in the earth or the absorption of light. Brown diamonds get their color from nitrogen, as well as light being absorbed. 

While brown diamonds are the most commonly found, every natural diamond is rare. Brown diamonds are unique because they combine affordability with beauty and versatility. Every natural brown diamond has its own hue and character, letting you find just the right color and shape that suits you. 

Why Should You Choose a Ben Bridge Diamond? 

Throughout our 112-year history, we’ve been proud of our commitment to sourcing natural diamonds. We believe the rarity and beauty is what makes diamonds a worthy representation of your unique story and style. There’s something special about looking at a brown diamond in the light and appreciating the color and depth formed over millennia by the forces of nature. It’s something that simply can’t be replicated.  

At Ben Bridge, you’ll only find responsibly sourced diamonds that go through our own rigorous quality control process. Yet, the aspect of our business we are most proud of is the relationships we build with our patrons and a quality of service that has persisted for over a century. 

Our Personal Jewelers are diamond enthusiasts with the expertise and know-how to help connect you with the perfect piece. Whether you are shopping for a thoughtful gift, an engagement ring, or an elegant everyday look for yourself, we look forward to building a meaningful relationship and connecting you with the right jewelry. Find your local Ben Bridge store to get a first-hand look at brown diamond jewelry or browse some of our favorites online